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Creators can now publish feed post for their subcribers in Instagram

Instagram's newest feature is now allowing content creators to publish feed posts just for their fans.
Creators can now publish feed post for their subcribers in Instagram
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New features meant for content creators

Meta started early access for paid subscriptions on Instagram around January this year. This time, they are releasing new features to further develop it and compete with the likes of Twitter in this area.

We want to make Instagram as the best platform for creators to earn a living and have a great way to establish sustainable predictable income. The new functions directly came from the creators during the early access phase, said Adam Mosseri, Instagram CEO

The first feature would be the Subscriber Chats, which lets the creators interact with up to 30 subscribers at a time through a direct message.
Instagram CEO posted the new features
Instagram CEO posted the new features

Next would be the Subscriber Posts and according to Adam, this is also the most requested function based on the creator's feedback. This will let users feed post photos, videos, live, or stories exclusive only to their paid supporters. There's also the subscriber home page which lets the users view only the pictures and Reels that are made available to them.

This is just one step on a much longer path to provide creators everywhere with a whole range of tools to be able to make a living online. Were really excited about this one, added by Adam Mosseri, Instagram CEO

List of new features

Subscriber Chats
Subscriber Reels
Subscriber Posts
Subscriber Home

Finally, the Instagram CEO acknowledges that the company needs to expand in other regions as they have only opened it to "tens of thousands" of creators in the USA.

What do you guys think?

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