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Globe warns public against certain lending apps over privacy risks

Globe issued a warning for the public versus online lending apps due to some having intrusive user data access leading to spam and scam messages.
Globe warns public against certain lending apps over privacy risks
Globe tells customers to be cautious of online lending apps

Globe tells the public to be careful about online lending apps!

Globe is in the frontline of fighting scam and spam messages
Globe is on the frontline of fighting scams and spam messages

Globe warned people against using fraudulent lending apps that are available for download on mobile devices because they deceptively ask for permissions that expose private user data. Through these apps, scammers can obtain mobile numbers while they rummage through a device and steal stored contact information.

When these apps were evaluated by Globe, the company discovered that apps invasively requested access to your contacts list and SMS in order to download these to their servers. A claim notice for collecting loan dues will be sent automatically to a number once an SMS is sent to a smartphone running these apps.

It also urged other OLAs to follow the NPC's recommendations for Know-Your-Customer and debt collection procedures.

Customers can look for possibilities on the mobile wallet GCash to find reliable lenders online. With the help of its GGives program, qualifying customers can pay for items up to PHP 30,000 over the course of 24 installments as long as 12 months. In contrast, GLoan offers loans of up to PHP 25,000 that are due within 9 to 12 months.

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