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Keychron launched its newest budget mechanical keyboard called V1!

Keyboard maker Keychron has recently revealed its newest customizable mechanical keyboard called the V1.
Keychron V1

The do-it-all customizable budget mechanical keyboard?

The Keychron V1 is a 75 percent layout mechanical keyboard with a tray mount design, hot-swappable frosted black case, and QMK/VIA support, among others.
75 percent layout
75 percent layout

The device comes in both Barebones and Fully Assembled models in Frosted Black (Translucent) and Carbon Black (Non-Transparent) colors. You can choose from Keychron K Pro Red, Blue, and Brown Switches.
Keychron V1
Fully customizable

It also has a Silicone Acoustic Pad, 1,000Hz Polling Rate, South-Facing RGB, Hot-Swappable keys, South-Facing RGB lights, and OSA PBT Keycaps.

Keychron launched its newest budget mechanical keyboard called V1!

Keychron highlights that while it comes with a fully assembled version, you can customize every part of the V1 from the Keycaps, Knob, Switches, PCB, and more.

The device is compatible with both Mac and Windows users and connects via a USB-C cable.

International price with direct to PHP conversion (no taxes and duties yet):

Barebone - USD 64 (around PHP 3.6K)
Barebone Knob - USD 74 (around PHP 4.1K)
Fully Assembled  -USD 74 (around PHP 4.1K)
Fully Assembled Knob - USD 84 (around PHP 4.7K)

It is now available on the Keychron global website, but there is no word when will it arrive on the Philippine shores yet.

Source: Keychron

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