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PLDT brings fiber to Burias, Lubang, Semirara islands for the first time!

Continuing its nationwide expansion, PLDT recently announced that it has deployed more submarine cable links to connect major islands in Southern Luzon and the Visayas.
New fiber line!

Fiber in Burias, Lubang, Semirara islands!

The result of this is that Burias Island in Masbate, Lubang Island in Occidental Mindoro, and Semirara Island in Antique now have high-speed fiber connectivity for the very first time.
Fiber landing ceremony
Fiber landing ceremony

Fiber connectivity will improve the existing 4G/LTE service in the said locations and will later provide 5G. Fiber-to-the-home will also be available as well.

PLDT said that the 
deployment in Burias marks the near completion of a major PLDT submarine cable program that aims to improve the quality of mobile and internet experience, open digital opportunities for previously unconnected areas, and eventually help drive progress and development.

It is also expected to help improve the network resiliency of PLDT and Smart in the Southern Luzon area, where typhoons, other natural calamities, and man-made accidents regularly cause destruction and service interruption.

Fast, reliable and fiber-powered connectivity is essential to the post-pandemic next normal. With fiber available in these areas, we are equipping more Filipinos with improved connectivity that they can use to work in hybrid workplaces, to study remotely, to engage in the digital marketplace, and to avail themselves of other services on the internet, such as online banking and online shopping, said Mario G. Tamayo, Head of Technology and PLDT and Smart.

This is part of PLDT's major project with technology partner NTT-WEM to deploy additional submarine fiber links to improve connectivity in Luzon, particularly in the southern Luzon provinces of Sorsogon, Quezon, Albay and Occidental Mindoro, and some parts of Visayas, such as Samar and Aklan. The project involved laying over 600 kilometers of submarine fiber optic cable and corresponding inland domestic fiber links, said Opiana.
This year, PLDT will spend the bulk of its PHP 85 billion capex to invest in its network.

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