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Acer announces Earthion Sustainability Mission Milestones during Green Day event

During the Acer Green Day event, the company announced its Earthion Sustainability Mission Milestones. Read on to find out more!
Acer announces Earthion Sustainability Mission Milestones during Green Day event
Acer Earthion Sustainability Mission shares milestones

Acer Earthion Sustainability Mission Milestones shared during Green Day

Here is a rundown of the milestones!
Here is a rundown of the milestones!

On Acer Green Day, Acer encourages other companies to support the environment by sharing its environmental sustainability accomplishments with partners, suppliers, and Acer workers with the goal of motivating others to do the same.

More than ten years ago, Acer started integrating sustainable business principles into its operations. In order to detect risks and find opportunities throughout its supply chain, the organization has been using the CDP Supply Chain since 2008. Starting this year, coverage was expanded to three tiers of suppliers.

Acer started notably increasing the recycled content of their notebook PC packaging in 2013. With over 70 percent of employees participating globally, Acer launched Project Humanity in 2017 to bring together all employees globally in building a sustainability framework for eco-friendly projects and instilling a green attitude inside the company culture.

Eco-friendly manufacturing and logistics systems

In order to provide customers with greener options, Acer's Vero range of eco-conscious products was introduced in 2021. Vero goods are made using recycled and eco-friendly materials and they are built to last longer so that less material is used and more waste is generated overall.

Acer has increased its cooperation with partners Compal and Quanta to improve their waste management systems in an effort to lessen the environmental impact of production operations. Acer is collaborating with its partners and suppliers to develop more responsible manufacturing and shipping operations, from minimizing the usage of plastic bags on the production line to implementing improvements toward sustainability in suppliers' manufacturing systems.

One of the modifications made to assist decrease non-recyclable waste in its logistics system was the elimination of surplus security tape used in the pallet packaging procedure. Acer was able to remove extra security tapes from its monitor shipments after extensive analysis and testing to confirm package security levels. This is estimated to save nearly 5,500 kilometers of tape in 2023, or roughly the distance from London to New York.

Another crucial step in Acer's green policy was the creation of a carbon accounting system for its transportation-related operations, especially in light of the fact that the freight transportation and logistics sectors are responsible for around 10 percent of the world's greenhouse gas emissions. The system, which will eventually be used globally, offers a standardized method for measuring and disclosing Acer's greenhouse gas emissions from transportation.

Acer Vero designed to be Sustainable Devices

Acer Chromebook Vero 514
Acer Chromebook Vero 514

In order to lessen pollution from the creation of virgin plastic and garbage, Acer introduced the Vero line with the Aspire Vero laptop, its first "green" focused notebook, which was constructed with 50 percent PCR plastic for the keyboard caps and 30 percent PCR plastic for the chassis. The device was also created to make it easier to repair or upgrade them in order to increase their lifespan without sacrificing computing performance or quality.

The Acer Chromebook Vero 514 is the newest product to be added to the Vero lineup, which has grown to encompass business laptops, monitors, projectors, desktops, peripherals, and more. Vero is pushing the boundaries of recycled material use in its product lineup.

The packaging for the Aspire Vero has also been completely redesigned in compliance with a design system that encompasses a variety of product lines, device sizes, and packing components. An honoree of the Red Dot Brands & Communication Design awards for package design, the exterior box is constructed of 80–85 percent recycled paper pulp, and paper sleeves rather than plastic bags are used to protect the adapters.

In addition, the keyboard sheet and laptop bag are manufactured entirely from recycled polyethylene terephthalate. The residual packaging is entirely recyclable, and its interior compartment can even be used again by customers to create an adjustable laptop stand with just a few extra steps.

What's next for Acer Earthion Sustainability Mission?

The Acer Group committed to sourcing only renewable energy by 2035 and joined the RE100 program in 2021. Acer operations started using green energy as early as 2011, with some sites even installing solar panels to generate their own electricity. This is in addition to developing the Earthion platform and adopting the CDP's worldwide disclosure system. By the end of 2020, Acer offices in more than 30 countries will be powered entirely by renewable energy, and the Acer Group will use 45 percent renewable energy overall.

Acer thinks that in order to truly impact sustainability, the entire world must contribute. Acer wants to empower businesses to join its journey of transforming into a low-carbon and circular economy. It also wants to provide consumers the option to select products that are more environmentally friendly.

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