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Watchdog warns of fake Epson inks in the Philippines!

React Southeast Asia cautioned consumers against the increasing number of counterfeit printer ink bottles.
Watchdog warns of fake Epson inks in the Philippines!
File photo: Ink indicator of an Epson printer

Using counterfeit inks will make the printer's warranty invalid

With fake printer inks becoming rampant in the market, consumers have become susceptible to buying inks that do not come with assurance from printer manufacturers. Reportedly, this malpractice drastically went up when most consumers began making their purchases online due to the pandemic.

React is a global non-profit organization that has been tracking and fighting the counterfeit trade for more than 30 years. Atty. Jonathan Selvasegaram, Head of  React Southeast Asia, said that fake Epson printer ink bottles are now being sold online in many countries. 

According to Selvasegaram, fake inks and cartridges can possibly damage printers since they did not undergo quality control. He explained,

And since the use of fake ink bottles or cartridges will void most printer warranties, the continued performance of the printers based on specifications could no longer be guaranteed. In the case of Epson, the use of counterfeit ink voids the company’s warranty for an Epson printer even if the printer is damaged. That can be a big problem for consumers and businesses.

Thus, React Southeast Asia encourages consumers to contact the stores or authorized resellers to purchase original printer inks and other printing-related products. Allegedly, Epson has been working with several institutions worldwide to address the issue.

Selvasegaram pointed out that the company is teaming up with law firms and e-commerce platform operators. He added that Epson "continuously explores effective collaboration and methods to minimize, if not totally eliminate, counterfeit activities".

The head of the counterfeit watchdog said that crimes like this threaten to increase the costs of doing business, erode consumer confidence, inhibit business growth and result in lost productivity.

If you are interested to purchase products from the Epson PH, you can view its list of authorized dealers by clicking this link.

Source: Inquirer

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