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Sony announces DualSense Edge customizable PS5 controller!

Sony announces "DualSense Edge" which brings new professional features to its PlayStation 5 Console.
Sony announces DualSense Edge customizable PS5 controller!
The new gamepad

DualSense Edge announced!

The new controller has several software and hardware customizations for an improved gameplay experience. Simply put this is Sony's response to the Xbox Elite controller.
The front and back view
The front and back view

The first feature of the gamepad is that you can remap or deactivate specific button inputs and fine-tune your aim by adjusting the stick's sensitivity and dead zone. Moreover, each trigger is also adjustable, with choices to change travel distance and dead zones to your liking.

Another feature will be the ability to save up to five control profiles. This is particularly nice so that users can just switch different control profiles depending on the game they are playing.

There's also an "On-controller user interface". By pressing the dedicated Fn key, the users can easily change their setup without losing their focus on what's happening in the game itself. This means players can quickly swap between the gaming profile, adjust volume and chat balance, and navigate controller profile settings to create a new one and test it while in-game.
The side view
The side view

The new Edge gamepad can also change stick caps and back buttons between three types such as standard, high dome, or low dome. Additionally, the two interchangeable sets of back buttons (half-dome and lever) can be set up to be any other button input, giving you access to even more crucial controls.

Users can also replace each individual module on the control however the replacement are sold separately.

Lastly, it retains the iconic features found on the 1st gen DualSense like the ergonomic grip, haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, built-in mic, gyro functions, and more. It also connects via Bluetooth or using USB-C which doubles as a charging port.

Unfortunately, the price and availability are still unknown while Sony says we will hear more information from them in the next coming months.

What do you guys think?

Source: Sony

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