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OPPO highlights the features of ColorOS 13

OPPO recently unveiled the ColorOS 13 based on Android 13 which comes with a bunch of new features.
OPPO highlights the features of ColorOS 13
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OPPO highlights its latest software!

The very first thing you will notice will be the new fresh look of the UI as it now uses what they called the Aquamorphic Design. This comes with a more comfortable visual experience and will give smoother navigation because the interface is inspired by the way water acts with nature.
New look
New look

ColorOS 13 includes a new Theme Palette influenced by the changing color of light at sea level between sunrise and sunset and a new system font that improves the readability of system text in any language.

It also includes wider customization options, adaptive layouts for multiple screen sizes, and an animated always-on feature that can also show notifications like music playback, food deliveries, and more. The always-on feature is also reduced to 1Hz so that it can only use a fraction of the phone's battery.
Always-on animated feature
Always-on animated feature

Additionally, the new OS makes use of a Dynamic Computing Engine to extend battery life and keep apps active in the background so that users can switch between several apps without losing the app's status or experiencing lag when doing so.

The ColorOS 13 also comes with a Meeting Assistant which automatically focuses on wireless data packages to give a stable connection during online meetings. Moreover, the assistant can also make the banner notifications look simpler for lesser interruption and add an OPPO Notes shortcut to write meeting minutes on a small pop-up window.

Another breakthrough for the OS will be the Multi-Screen Connect feature. This means an OPPO device, Tablet and PC can easily interact with each other, by sending files or acting as an additional display. For example, users may sync what's on their mobile phone's screen to the PC's display.

Furthermore, the latest software also prioritizes privacy and security protection such as the system can automatically remove clipboard history after a short period of time. It also has a new feature called Auto Pixelate which can recognize and blur profile pictures and names in chat screenshots. On the other hand, the Private Safe feature is enhanced which now encrypts users' data using AES security.

OPPO also shared a photo of devices that will get the new OS.

Below is the schedule of devices that will support ColorOS 13:

ColorOS 13 list
ColorOS 13 list

As you can see there will be multiple devices that are going to get the update which will start this August and until H1 2023.

What do you guys think?

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