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OPPO and OnePlus stops sales in Germany after the ban!

Following the ban of Germany on OPPO and OnePlus, the BBK brands responded by halting their sales in the said region.
OPPO and OnePlus stops sales in Germany after the ban
The two BBK subsidiaries

OPPO and OnePlus are banned in Germany!

As a recap, Nokia won a dispute over OPPO regarding a 4G/5G patent which happened in a German court last Friday.

The context is that OPPO used Nokia's patent without paying for a license. Since the German court had favored the Finnish company. OPPO now then complied with the court order as they halted sales on their German web stores.
Screen cap on OPPO German website
Screen cap on OPPO German website

Upon checking their websites, we can no longer view OPPO products, the buy or add to cart button is nowhere to be found but you can still see Infos on ColorOS, story, and tech support.
OnePlus "Buy now" page
OnePlus "Buy now" page

On the other hand, we can still view the products from OnePlus however hitting the "buy now" button takes you directly to a 404 error page.

The news outlet "The Verge" also received confirmation that sales had stopped from OPPO and OnePlus and blamed the lawsuit on Nokia's overly expensive prices for the patents.

The BBK brands added that their products would still run in Germany and that they might still be sold through 3rd party resellers.

Despite the Chinese brands being prominent in the industry, they are still not much relevant when it comes to the European market as based on Counterpoint's data. OPPO only had a 5 percent total market share in the region last Q2 2022 while OnePlus is even lower.

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