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PLDT expands VITRO Data Center to sustain demand and dominance

PLDT is boosting its data center dominance by building up its VITRO data centers to increase its total rack capacity. Read on for more information!
PLDT expands VITRO Data Center to sustain demand and dominance
PLDT to build the biggest VITRO Data Center in Laguna

PLDT to build up its VITRO Data Center's capacity

Currently, the total rack utilization of the VITRO Data Center is 74 percent. PLDT wants to increase that by building a VITRO Data Center in a five-hectare plot in Sta. Rosa, Laguna. This will be the largest data center campus in the country by end of 2022 if operational. 

It will add 4,500 racks in total and will be scalable to 100 Megawatts of power capacity. With a Tier-3 certified and Tier 4-ready design, it adheres to LEED compliance standards while reducing environmental effects and incorporating sustainable operations and aesthetics into its construction.

The PLDT Group previously declared its partnership with the highly regarded engineering company RED Engineering for the construction of VITRO Sta. Rosa, when designing the first facility of its sort in the Philippines, anchored her design on the best sustainability principles and energy efficiency.

Construction programs for monitoring and water and fuel conservation, the use of solar lighting to reduce reliance on fuel, the optimization of natural lighting, passive cooling insulation cladding to regulate thermal and acoustic insulation, and the use and re-use of excess and scrap materials to reduce waste impacts, such as aluminum, steel, and glass, are a few of its initial sustainability initiatives.

PLDT recently revealed that it has added 612 racks in response to an increase in demand from regional and international businesses. ePLDT is currently running 10 VITRO Data Centers, and of the 6,133 ready racks, 4,541 are already in use. Three of the ICT division's major VITRO data centers, which are located in Makati, Paranaque, and Clark, will have their capacities significantly increased.

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