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Spy x Family season 1B will air on October 1!

The season 1B anime of the popular manga Spy x Family will return to television on October 1 in Japan.
Spy x Family season 1B will air on October 1!
Anya and the new dog!

Spy x Family season 1B is coming!

This was confirmed by its official Twitter page by releasing a poster and a YouTube teaser on the TOHO animation channel.

The anime will also be distributed on plenty of streaming platforms headlined by Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+, among others. ComicBook.com also reported that there will be a simulcast on Crunchyroll as well.

To recap, this is the synopsis of Spy x Family season 1A,

Twilight begrudgingly accepts the mission for the sake of a better world. Twilight purchases a family unit in Ostania, obtaining a new identity as "Loid Forger", a psychiatrist. Loid Forger goes to a rather run-down and shady-looking orphanage, seeking to adopt a child for Operation Strix.
The poster
The poster

In season 1B, we are expected to see all the characters in the poster artwork.

It shows Anya Forger in the center, Loid, and Yor standing behind as well as several WISE and Eden Academy characters.

There is also the dog that appeared in the final moments of season 1A. Spoiler, its name is Bond Forger also known as "Experimental Subject no. 8." Bond's description says that he was used for experiments that resulted in him gaining precognition abilities.

Are you guys excited?

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