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GCash to send transaction messages to app inbox by September 13!

No more text notifications? GCash will no longer send an SMS for each transaction.
GCash to send transaction messages to app inbox by September 13!
File photo: The user interface of the GCash app 

Transaction receipts and notices can be read in GCash's inbox

To recall, there were reports regarding rampant text messages that even include the names of subscribers or recipients. As a result, Senator Bong Revilla requested National Telecommunications Commission to act on this issue.

NTC has mandated telcos giants to text blast warnings to their subscribers in order to warn them about this new cybercrime strategy. The deadline for the compliance report is until September 9, 2022.

In line with this agenda, the mobile wallet said that they are improving security and providing easier access to customers’ transaction history. GCash announced,

We'll start with PAY BILLS on September 13, then by September 28 SEND MONEY & BUY LOAD will follow. They'll be instantly accessible via your App Inbox and also available when you click the ‘Activity’ button on the app which has your transaction history.

Aside from this, GCash posted a warning about fake emails for claiming a "reward". The company advised its subscribers to ignore the email and never click any links. To check if there's a reward or free voucher, they may refer to the app instead.

According to a source, authorities and experts cautioned the public to avoid sharing too much personal information online. They also reminded them to be careful against responding to scam texts as the personal information of subscribers can reach scammers through data breaches.

Before these events, NTC already pushed telcos to speed up the process of blocking SIM cards that are being utilized to perpetrate fraudulent activities. 

Source: GMA News

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