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Revilla asked NTC to go after rampant text scams

In a letter, Senator Ramon Bong Revilla, Jr. asked the NTC to act on the surging incidents of spam and phishing text messages.
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NTC to act on spam and phishing cases

Allegedly, the solon wrote the said letter due to his concern regarding the "alarming frequency" of spam and phishing text messages. The suspicious SMS usually offers jobs, benefits, and other lucrative opportunities to lure a target in need before finally becoming a victim.

Revilla said he personally wrote to NTC commissioner Gamaliel Cordoba to probe the incidents. He said that scam messages "have become so rampant that they no longer choose the time of day."

According to Revilla, cybercriminals even got the personal information of the message recipients. The senator added that those behind the messages seem to know the full names of the recipients. He pointed out,

Kailangang aksiyonan na ito ng NTC dahil walang kalaban-laban ang marami nating kababayan. Dapat mabigyan ng karampatang proteksiyon ang ating mga kababayan at hindi maloko sa pamamagitan lang ng text messages.

Revilla recognized the programs of the NTC and telco giants in combating these fraudulent schemes. However, he stated that those efforts were not enough. Previous investigations by the agency showed that some of these spamming activities could be part of a global organized syndicate.

In the past, the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) has urged telco companies DITO Telecommunity, Globe Telecoms, and Smart Communications to text blast its subscribers with an advisory against text scams.

In a memo dated last August 26, the agency repeated this request to telcos with a duration of August 31 to September 6. It also ordered its regional directors and officers-in-charge to appear on local television and radio stations within their respective jurisdictions to warn the public against said text scams.

In addition to this appeal from Revilla, an advocacy group called Digital Pinoys requested the National Privacy Commission to investigate if local companies gathering personal information are selling them.

Digital Pinoys national campaigner Ronald Gustilo explained that citizens deserved assurance that their personal information is safe and secured. According to Gustilo, NPC should punish those found to be involved in this operation.

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Source: ABS-CBN

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