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Bye typos? Twitter unveils an edit tweet feature!

The popular micro-blogging platform officially announced that it's testing the feature internally.
Bye typos? Twitter unveils an edit button feature!
File photo: Twitter's edit feature

Users can still view the past versions of the edited tweet

After so many requests from its followers, Twitter confirmed that they are working on the edit tweet functionality last April. This time, the social media giant posted the announcement through a blog with a sample edited tweet that looks like this:
Sample of what an edited tweet looks like (Photo from Twitter)
Sample of what an edited tweet looks like (Photo from Twitter)

The much-awaited feature can be handy for situations like fixing typos and adding missed hashtags without having to erase the whole tweet or Twitter thread. Reportedly, users can edit their tweets a few times in the 30 minutes following their publication.

According to the blog post, there will be an icon, timestamp, and label on an edited tweet. In this way, readers will know that the original tweet has been revised. If they tap the label, they will be able to view the edit history, which includes past versions of the tweet.

Twitter explained that the edit history helps in protecting the integrity of the conversation and creating a publicly accessible record of what was posted.

To refine the feature, the company said that it is still testing it with a smaller group. Twitter said that its goal is to get feedback and identify potential issues so the developers can resolve them. 

After that, Twitter revealed its plans to bring the edit tweet feature to all Twitter Blue subscribers by the end of this month. As part of their subscription, they will obtain early access to features and help Twitter to test them before the features arrive on the social media platform.

Lastly, the company noted that they will localize the test to one country only at first. They will gradually roll the feature out as they observe how people use it. The blog added,

We'll also be paying close attention to how the feature impacts the way people read, write, and engage with Tweets.

What do you guys think?

Source: Twitter

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