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What to prepare during super typhoons?

With a super typhoon looming in the Philippines right now. We've prepared some simple steps whenever these kinds of disasters happen.
What to prepare during super typhoons?
Photo from DOST PAGASA

What to prepare during super typhoons?

Due to our country's geographic location, it is normal for every Filipino to experience strong typhoons or heavy rains. With that, it's always sensible for every household to be prepared for unexpected things.

1. Always charge your electronic devices - Whenever there's a strong signal warning from NDRRMC, we must always expect power outages or emergencies. 
Charge your devices!
Charge your devices!

That is why charging your gadgets to full will be essential as you'll never know when you'll need to communicate your status or ask for help during emergencies. It is also better if you back up power banks, rechargeable fans, lights, and even insect killers as well.

2. Stay tuned on weather updates from factual sources - It is very important to be updated whether using your TVs, radios, or smart devices, particularly on signal number warnings.  Watch our for guidance or reminders from authorities such as School or Work suspensions and make sure that they are coming from reliable news websites.

3. Check the damages to your house and repair it (if you still can) - You might want to inspect your home's roof or wall edges to make sure there aren't tiny holes that may cause "tulo" and do some remedies to prevent unwanted leakages. Check your drainage, and bathroom to make sure they're not clogged to avoid problems.

4. Stash up your food or disaster kits - Basic necessities should also be a top priority, as strong rains will prevent you from going outside, and there's so much hassle when you need to buy them and face the flood. Disaster kits must have ready-to-eat food like canned goods, water, clothes, sanitation, medicine, and some tools such as rope, flashlights, or candles.

5. Know your emergency numbers - Having contact with your barangay or nearest Police station might be of some help too. Saving their numbers or writing them if you must on your notebooks will come in handy when needed.

6. Identify evacuation sites near your place - Barangays have evacuation plans for those who will be affected by calamities so that their constituents will have shelter for the time being. Know these places and establish a way to get there as fast and efficiently as possible when it's needed.

Always keep in mind as well that you will need a face mask when going out, and clean your hands frequently by using alcohol or sanitizers don't forget social distancing as we are still in the Covid 19 era.

We do hope that these simple steps, will aid you and secure your family's safety during calamities.

Stay safe fam!

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