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Globe Business launches its new "affordable" GFiber Biz Plus!


Globe has just revealed a new GFiber Biz Plus promo to allow businesses enjoy reliable internet connectivity "without the high cost."
GFiber Biz Plus

Step up your connectivity game?

As businesses pursue growth in today's hyperconnected world, it is imperative that they have a robust internet connection that they can depend on," Angie Po, product marketing head of Globe Business MSME Group said in a statement.
The features of the plan
The features of the plan

According to the company, with the latest broadband plan, businesses can now enjoy robust connectivity without having to spend more.

These latest offerings from Globe Business are exactly what businesses need amid higher demand for video conferences, online collaborations, and the need to increase online presence, to cater to the needs of their customers.

All of these made-for-business plans are fully "symmetric" across speeds of 35 Mbps up to 1 Gbps, Globe noted.

This means users can enjoy equal upload and download speeds, allowing them to accomplish their online tasks much faster, experience seamless streaming, enjoy higher video quality for online conferences, and upload on the cloud with minimal interruption.

Aside from this, they can now enjoy 4x the speed from 50 Mbps to 200 Mbps for Plan 2499.

GFiber Biz Plus Plans also have offerings that will be very much useful for businesses.

GFiber Biz Plus is the best value-packed connectivity solution for MSMEs that want to be better equipped to respond to the needs of their customers and stakeholders during this time of heightened digital adoption, Po said.

For Plans 2499 and up, business owners can choose among this additional support based on their needs: a FREE one-year license of Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 to improve business productivity; two units of WiFi Mesh for more enhanced WiFi coverage; or PHP 5,000 subsidy that can be used for in-house wiring or on barangay permit.

All plans also include unlimited calls to all mobile and landline networks for 24 months, making calls to customers and suppliers worry-free about extra charges.

To get your GFiber Biz Plus, you can head to any Globe store, call the hotline at 121, visit the website at https://glbe.co/gfiberbizplans or get in touch with your dedicated account manager.

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