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Globe prepares for SIM card registration of over 87.4 million subscribers!

Globe is already preparing to ensure a customer-friendly procedure to accommodate its 87.4 million subscribers for the SIM Registration act.
Globe prepares for SIM card registration of over 87.4 million subscribers!
Globe is ready for SIM Card registration!

Globe preps to register 87.4 million subscribers!

The National Telecommunications Commission, as required by law, began speaking with relevant government organizations and numerous stakeholders, including telcos, last Friday to begin formulating the law's implementing rules and regulations, which were signed into law on October 10.

Once the IRR has been approved and published, Globe will start registering all current SIM customers, including those with physical SIM cards and those with e-SIMs on mobile devices.

When creating its SIM registration platform, Globe is referencing global best practices. In order to provide a simple but secure registration method, it is also making use of its range of best-in-class digital solutions.

The SIM Registration Act of the Philippines is intended to combat the country's growing cybercrime problem, especially the rise of smishing and other scam and spam messaging techniques made possible by the anonymity provided by prepaid SIM cards.

Globe has taken a number of measures to stop these disruptive messages, including proactive blocking, threat intelligence partnerships with financial institutions, a customer reporting portal, and an awareness and education campaign to help customers protect themselves.

Globe deleted 16,215 mobile phones between January and September of this year and blacklisted an additional 19,343 for their involvement in spam and scam messages. During the same time frame, 1.3 billion spam and scam messages were also blocked.

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