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LG introduces Maintenance Services dedicated to B2B customers

During its "2022 LG Air Solution Maintenance Seminar", the company announced its maintenance services dedicated to its B2B customers.
LG introduces Maintenance Services dedicated to B2B customers
LG announced its dedicated B2B maintenance services

LG's dedicated B2B maintenance services are now official

Regular visits from engineers from LG Electronics are made to customers who own LG system air conditioners in order to monitor and maintain their operational state, extend their lifespan and performance, and boost energy efficiency. Customers are highly encouraged to make repeat purchases thanks to the B2B customer service.

Through its Customer Information Center hotline via 7902-5544, LG Electronics offers technical support to users of its maintenance services. With the help of its Real-time Care Service, it is able to remotely check on the health of its equipment and identify any defects before or even without receiving a call from a customer. To react to customer feedback, LG wants to create an upgradeable control system and improve its maintenance and repair service offerings.

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