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LG shares the evolution of OLED evo over the years

LG OLED evo is the latest in TV technology for the company. LG wants to share the journey of how it arrived at this technology. Read on for more!
LG shares the evolution of OLED evo over the years
LG OLED evo brings new tech to TVs!

LG OLED evo over the years

Check out its features below!
Check out its features below!

Simply explained, LG OLED evo is not a name for a single component of the TVs. Rather, it refers to the technology that powers them. This proprietary OLED technology blends cutting-edge dynamic tone mapping with the powerful α9 Gen5 AI Processor. All 42-inch C2 OLED TVs will meet the same picture quality criteria, regardless of the panel or components that may be employed in a specific model.

OLED evo is such an appealing option for customers even though some other electronics manufacturers might utilize the same basic OLED technology. What sets LG apart are its proprietary processing technologies and models to fine-tune and boost performance. 

To produce amazing picture quality, OLED evo makes use of LG's α9 Gen 5 intelligent processor's advanced capabilities. It also enhances foreground and background effects, lowers picture noise, and provides superior resolution upscaling. It also optimizes the image for greater immersion. The OLED evo technology stands out from the competition thanks to the combination of these attributes and features.

The 42-inch, 48-inch, and 52-inch LG OLED evo TV models all include cutting-edge OLED technologies that go beyond technology. The picture quality is automatically adjusted to provide you with the optimum viewing experience, whether you're watching 4K content or lower resolution content. Additionally, it gives viewers more immersive audio by allowing the TVs' built-in speakers to simulate 7.1.2 surround sound. You get to hear the crisp, clear sound even without using additional speakers.

Another key feature of OLED evo TVs is the Picture quality algorithm, which includes dynamic tone mapping that looks at the brightest and darkest areas in over 5,000 areas of the screen and then calibrates the best HDR for each of those areas.

The new LG OLED evo TVs are now available at authorized resellers as well as LG's official Lazada and Shopee stores.

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