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LTO: No plans to remove online portal, but online exam may be scrapped


No plans to abolish the Land Transportation Management System online portal, the Land Transportation Office said.
Source: LTO FB page

LTMS portal to stay

According to a report by CNN Philippines, the agency clarified the issue after LTO chief Teofilo Guadiz first revealed that fixers—or those forging certificates from driving schools—are using the online Comprehensive Driver's Education or CDE online validation exam to charge applicants with a higher price.
The statement
The statement

However, LTO noted it is looking into possibly scrapping or further strengthening the online exam for new drivers or those renewing their licenses.

The CDE online exam is a requirement prior to applicants getting their new or renewed driver’s license.

LTO said the passing score for an applicant to obtain a certificate is 50 percent or at least 13 correct scores out of 25 questions. Those who will fail the exam may retake it until they pass the test.

A technical working group was formed in September to address the fixer problem, LTO said.

The TWG is also looking for ways to ensure that applicants are really attending the seminary and are taking the exam.

We feel is that kulang lang 'yung app ng facial recognition for us to be able to effectively use the portal, Guadiz said during the Department of Transportation's budget deliberations at the Senate last week.

He said the LTO is already working on adding the said feature to its online portal.

If that feature is added, hindi na pwedeng mangdaya. Dapat kitang-kita ng portal 'yung nag-e-exam, 'yung talagang may-ari ng driver's license, the LTO chief noted.

Do you think this move will make LTO efficient?

Source: LTO, Via: CNN Philippines

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