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Meet Soundpeats G1 Gaming Headphones - A good gaming can for less?

Today, we are sharing our experience with the Soundpeats G1 Gaming Headphones. Aside from its gamer aesthetic, does it sound good? Read on!
Meet the Soundpeats G1 Gaming Headphones
Meet the Soundpeats G1 Gaming Headphones

As a recap, the Soundpeats G1 Gaming Headphones arrived in the Philippines back in August.

It is a wired Over-the-Ear headphones with a 50mm speaker driver in each ear. It also has a retractable microphone and RGB lighting.

It is priced at PHP 1,490 here in the Philippines.

How did it fare? Find out here.

Meet Soundpeats G1 Gaming Headphones

Here's the box
Here's the box

The Soundpeats G1 Gaming Headphones came in a white box with a photo of the headphones itself worn by a female model. It has Sounpeats branding, key specs, and regulatory information.

Inside, you get the headphones itself and nothing else. Yes, it is as barebones as it gets which is good for those that want something that is simply plug-n-play.
It is made out of plastic, faux leather, and metal
It is made out of plastic, faux leather, and metal

Let's talk build and design, shall we? The G1 Gaming Headphones feature a polycarbonate build with faux leather earcups. It has foam cushions for the earpads and the headband. It has retractable adjustment with metal inside for added durability. The headband has ample flex too.
Synthetic leather earpads
Synthetic leather earpads

It also has a braided cable as well that feels pretty durable and substantial. The cable is non-detachable and is attached to the left earcup. On the other end of the cable is a single 3.5mm audio jack with a USB-A header to power the RGB lighting. The built-in retractable microphone is made out of polycarbonate and flexible rubber to give you some rudimentary yet welcome adjustments. It also has inline controls for volume and microphone activity.
The headband also has a memory foam and leather for support
The headband also has memory foam and leather for support

It comes in mostly black color with Blue accents around the earpads. The RGB lighting adds that gamer aesthetic. You are stuck with the Rainbow pattern though as it does not have any customization for the lighting.
Look at that RGB lighting!
Look at that RGB lighting!

In terms of comfort and isolation, the Soundpeats G1 is pretty lightweight. This means that long-term usage is not that bothersome. The headband memory foam also adds to comfort. However, the earpad memory foam can be a bit firmer since it feels a bit too mushy. This could lead to some discomfort in the long run. Of course, this is subject to your ear size. It might be comfortable for us but for some, it might be uncomfortable. So take that into account.

Lightweight and fairly comfortable for the price!

Sound isolation is also ok. For the price, we get above what we expected. We were able to immerse ourselves in our games and eliminate outside noise.

With that, we were able to enjoy an isolated experience at 75 percent volume. There is no ANC or any time of noise cancelation which is ok given that this is a budget-friendly gaming headphone.
Braided cable with in-line controls
Braided cable with in-line controls

The braided cable is a great choice. It does not tangle into itself which is a big plus! Also, it comes with a built-in velcro cable tie to organize the excess length. The in-line control is made out of polycarbonate and feels a bit on the cheap side. It is also pretty chunky for the functions it offers.

The microphone is built-in. The retractability is a plus since some budget gaming headphones just put it in a flexible arm but will be dangling in front of you all the time. It has ample flex for adjustment too.

Pretty good sound for the price!

For audio, both sides have a 50mm speaker driver each. Technically, it is in stereo mode all the time but it boasts the "Immersive Surround 3D" sound technology that emulates directional audio for games to pinpoint gunfire, footsteps, vehicles, and more.

With emulated 3D surround sound, it works pretty well. Using Windows Spatial Sound works but we highly recommend sticking to stereo instead. Even in higher-end headphones, emulated surround sound will always be a hit-or-miss affair.

We found that with just stereo sound, we could pinpoint our targets more accurately than Spatial Sound activated.

In terms of balance, the Soundpeats G1 comes out fairly flat. The bass is present but not overpowering while the mids and highs are audible yet not distinguishable. With a bit of EQ tuning via Equalizer APO, we were able to create a bit of separation and improve the experience. Out of the box, it sounds decent enough to be enjoyed without further tuning.
The built-in microphone
The built-in microphone

The built-in microphone is decent as well. It does not have built-in noise suppression or an included pop filter so fan noise and other environmental noise will be heard.

If you do have an NVIDIA RTX GPU, you can enjoy NVIDIA Broadcast's AI-powered noise suppression without losing any mic quality. Other apps will have their own implementation of noise suppression you can use such as Discord's Krisp. You can easily turn off the mic via the In-Line controls as well.

Pros - Lightweight, RGB lighting, pretty good sound quality, braided cable, In-Line control, retractable mic
Cons - Memory foam is a bit too soft, 3D audio implementation can be better, No noise suppression for the mic

Soundpeats G1 Gaming Headphones Specs

Drivers: 50mm Speaker
Microphone: Built-in, non-removable, retractable
Connectivity: 3.5mm jack, USB-A for lighting
Others: In-Line control, 3D surround sound, RGB lighting
Weight: 460 g
Price: PHP 1,490

Quick thoughts

At PHP 1,490, the Soundpeats G1 Gaming Headphones are good enough as starting gaming headphones.

It has decent sound quality, a lightweight build, and RGB lighting for the gamer aesthetic. There are things to improve though. The size of the In-Line control can be reduced so that it is not prone to be caught on things.

The 3D surround implementation can also be improved as accuracy for spatial recognition is too much of a hit or miss. The microphone can at least come with an optional pop filter to lessen the noise it picks up.

These are all minor things that can be easily improved on the next iteration. But for the price, it is a good buy!

What do you guys think?

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