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Meta Quest Pro VR headset with mixed reality tech now official

During the Meta Connect Conference, Mark Zuckerberg unveiled the company's flagship VR headset with the Meta Quest Pro with mixed reality technology.
Meta Quest Pro VR headset with mixed reality tech now official
Meta Quest Pro VR headset announced for USD 1,500

Meta Quest Pro VR headset to be available on October 25

Touch Pro controllers
Touch Pro controllers

The Meta Quest Pro is priced at USD 1,500 which is quite a price hike from the Meta Quest 2 priced at USD 1,100. It is to be expected since the company justified the added cost with the new mixed technology the new headset included. With that said, the Pro monicker and pricing point to the headset being geared toward the business market.

The Meta Quest Pro features a Snapdragon XR2+ mobile chip that aims to deliver better graphics performance. It also has 12GB RAM and 256GB storage. It also features an Advanced VR LCD screen with 37 percent greater pixel density and 1.3x larger color gamut.

It also comes with improved Touch Pro controllers with 3x cameras per controller and Snapdragon 662 mobile chips for each as well. It comes as well with a USB-C charging dock with rapid charging. 

A step towards the establishment of the metaverse, according to the company's CEO Mark Zuckerberg, is being taken by several mixed reality features that combine the real world with the virtual one. It has 4x resolution compared to Quest 2 in terms of mixed reality.

Microsoft's work-collaboration apps for the Quest VR devices are one of the applications that Meta is developing in partnership with other businesses for the VR headset. Teams, the Microsoft 365 software suite, and the Xbox Cloud Gaming platform are some of the Microsoft programs that will be accessible for VR devices.

International price with direct-to-PHP conversion (no taxes and duties yet):

Meta Quest Pro VR headset - USD 1,500 (around PHP 88K)

The Meta Quest Pro VR headset will be available internationally on October 25. Local price and availability are yet to be confirmed. We will update you as soon as we get more information.

What do you guys think?

Source: Meta
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