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MLBB M4 World Championship tickets is now live Blibli online store

Mobile Legend's highly anticipated M4 World Championship is set to take in Jakarta, Indonesia next year. Here's how you could purchase the tickets.
MLBB M4 World Championship tickets is now live Blibli online store
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Discounted M4 tickets are now available!

If you want to witness the prestigious tournament, the tickets can now be ordered through Blibli online store with a 20 percent off special offer.

The event is divided into four phases which are Group Stage (Jan 1-4), Knockout Stage Weekday (Jan 9-12), Knockout Stage Weekend (Jan 7-8 and 13-14), and the Grand Finals (Jan 15). The K.O stages may also be the other term for the playoffs.

Meanwhile, the seats for the viewers are divided into 3 tiers namely Epic for the farthest, Legend for the middle, and Mythic for the nearest. It also has respective lanes akin to the map of mobile legends such as Gold, Mid, or Exp lanes.
M4 Stage seat plan
M4 Stage seat plan

Below are the respective venues, and prices for each match:

Price list
Price list

Indonesia price with direct to PHP conversion (no taxes and duties yet):

Group Stage - IDR 30,000 (around PHP 114), 20 percent off - IDR 24,000 (around PHP 91)

Playoffs Weekdays 

Epic Tier - IDR 40,000 (around PHP 150), 20 percent off  - IDR 32,000 (around PHP 122)
Legend Tier - IDR 55,000 (around PHP 209), 20 percent off - IDR 48,000 (around PHP 183)
Mythic  Tier - IDR 85,000 (around PHP 324). 20 percent off - IDR 80,000 (around PHP 305)

Playoffs Weekends

Epic Tier - IDR 60,000 (around PHP 228), 20 percent off  - IDR 48,000 (around PHP 183)
Legend Tier - IDR 80,000 (around PHP 305), 20 percent off - IDR 64,000 (around PHP 244)
Mythic  Tier - IDR 120,000 (around PHP 457), 20 percent off - IDR 96,000 (around PHP 366)

Grand Finals

Epic Tier - IDR 80,000 (around PHP 305), 20 percent off - IDR 64,000 (around PHP 244)
Legend Tier - IDR 105,000 (around PHP 400), 20 percent off - IDR 80,000 (around PHP 305)
Mythic Tier - IDR 155,000 (around PHP 591), 20 percent off - IDR 96,000 (around PHP 427)

If you will purchase during the MPL ID Playoffs (Oct 19-23,2022), the said M4 tickets will be even cheaper by 10 percent making it a total of 30 percent discount.

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