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ICYMI: Overwatch 2 launched for PC, Switch, PlayStation and Xbox!

In case you missed it, Blizzard's second generation of FPS is now up and playable across multiple platforms.
ICYMI: Overwatch 2 launched for PC, Switch, PlayStation and Xbox!
Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 is now up!

The game was announced back in November 2019 at the annual BlizzCon and after almost 3 years of waiting the sequel to the original Overwatch is now live. The FPS title is downloadable through the Battle.net client for Windows PC, and the respective game stores for Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox.

Watch the trailer below.

Just like the predecessor, it is a team-based action game that comprises 5 players per team to battle out on familiar maps. Of course, there are new maps as well and the game has more than 30 characters to choose from.
Heroes screen cap
Heroes screen cap

The characters are classified into three categories such as "Tank" which is mainly the frontline for the team, and "Damage type" which will be the carriers of the game but fragile and requires protection. The third type will be "Support" which has utilities to help the team such as heal, shield, buff, or disable. 

The developers also promised to add more unique heroes to the roster to provide a newer experience.

Blizzard also said that this game also supports cross-play progression. Meaning you can play from different supported platforms and devices and you can still access your unlocks, progress, and accolades anytime and anywhere. You will also be matched against PC, Switch or PS, or Xbox players. However, those with mouse and keyboard controls will likely have an advantage over gamepad users.

Apart from the usual 5v5 brawl, there will be PvE missions to the game so the players can follow a new storyline. But the release will be at the beginning of 2022.
Season 1 battle pass
Season 1 battle pass

As of this writing, season 1 has already begun but the game is facing some glitches and long queuing times due to the flock of players across the world.

What do you guys think? Have you tried it yet?

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