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Sharp showcases its washing machines designed for all seasons!

Designed to work all through different seasons, the Sharp washing machines with features to make your laundry easy to clean and more efficient.
Sharp showcases its washing machines designed for all seasons!
Check out Sharp's all-season laundry solution!

Sharp's all-season laundry solution introduced

Here are the different models available
Here are the different models available

Sharp is here to give its customers the best quality of life by enhancing daily households and supplying a life of ease through its dependable products. With many challenges arising due to changing weather conditions, particularly the occurrence of the rainy season, Sharp is here to provide the best quality of life.

With its extensive selection of high-quality and creative solutions, from its Semi-automatic to Top Load products, Sharp continues to hold a significant portion of the washing machine market share in the Philippines.

Reader's Digest named the brand the "Most Trusted Brand" for washing machines for 11 years in a row. The company has continued local production, recently reaching the 10th million mark in production and offering only the best goods to every Filipino.

All of Sharp's washing machines can work with low water pressure. The machines can still function in locations with low water pressure or limited electricity flow thanks to the Low Water Pressure Operation feature, which allows its valve to operate for as little as 0.01 MPa or 1.45 PSI water pressure.

Sharp products are prepared for all types of weather in the Philippines thanks to their plastic bodies and rust-proof features, which make them suitable for any season. Additionally, it has a stainless tub, which adds to its durability and makes it the finest choice for prolonged use.

Direct Drive Inverter Motor models are also more effective, save more energy, and offer greater savings. Additionally, it boasts Ultra Wash technology for more effective cleaning, as well as a variable speed wash feature that allows you to flexibly regulate the water's flow intensity and speed depending on the material. The models ES-JX105A9(GY) (10.5 kg), ES-FA10AX-GY(10 kg), and ES-FA90AX-GY (9 kg) all have direct drive inverters.

Sharp is proud of its original No Holes Tub, which has No Holes Tub Technology and is available in the ES-S115HP-SL (11.5 kg), ES-S95HP-GY (9.5 kg), and ES-U75GP-BL (7.5 kg) models. This technology makes laundry more hygienic, is kind to clothing, and allows for up to 30 percent more water savings.

The ES-PG750P (7.5kg) model was created in collaboration with Procter & Gamble. With the use of Ariel detergents, this appliance's own Ariel Wash Cycle can provide outstanding wash cleansing and stain removal. Additionally, 2 pieces of 1 kg of Liquid Ariel detergent are free when you purchase this model at specific Sharp Koten events. In addition, up to December 31, 2022, a Sharp Laundry Basket will be included at no additional cost when you purchase any Fully Automatic Washing Machine.

Along with convenience and quick laundry solutions, Sharp offers the best price to its clients with its air purifier with a dehumidifying feature. With its Air Purifier with Dehumidifier (DW- E16FP-W, 24 sqm), Sharp offers a comprehensive solution to your laundry issue. After doing the laundry, one issue with drying clothes is the increased moisture in the air, especially during this rainy season, which leads to mold growth and unpleasant odors. 

It also has Plasmacluster Ion Technology, which has been shown to render 99.9 percent of airborne viruses and bacteria inactive. It regulates the air's humidity level so you may dry your clothing without worrying about the smell or even mold growth brought on by the moist atmosphere.

You can check out the Sharp Washing Machines via the brand's official Lazada and Shopee stores.

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