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Smart removes over 36,000 phone numbers linked to scam in September


Smart Communications Inc. continues its crackdown against text scammers as it removes over 36,000 mobile numbers involved in unscrupulous activities in September.
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Smart blocks more text scammers

According to a report by Philstar, the wireless subsidiary of PLDT Inc. noted this brought the total number of blocked SIMs to 200,000 as of last month.

Smart further noted that the removal of these numbers helped in preventing around 51 million text scams from reaching their users for the last month alone.

So far, the telco company has blocked almost 400 million text scams this year.

Scammers are quick to adapt their strategies. But we remain relentless in protecting the public through precision approach that clamps down on criminals without having to sacrifice customer experience, said PLDT chief information security officer Angel Redoble.

PLDT and Smart also vowed to expand their anti-fraud efforts as scammers continue to change their strategies, specifically those that use clickable links to deceive users.

Also last month, Smart was able to prevent 1.4 billion attempts to spread malicious sites.

Redoble also noted that PLDT and Ayala’s Globe Telecom were able to block more than 5.5 million malicious domains linked to phishing, scams, and hoaxes from January to September.

Meanwhile, PLDT and Smart’s Child Protection Platform also continue their fight against online sexual abuse and exploitation of children (Osaec) as it blocked around 220,000 attempts in September, The Manila Times reported.

The company said it has so far blocked more than 1.3 billion attempts to access Osaec materials.

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