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Smart's Top 3 tips against smishing scams!

As "smishing" scams gain more steam, Smart wanted to help protect Filipinos. In line with that, the telco giant shared three easy tips to fight it!
Smart's Top 3 tips against smishing scams!
Stay safe from smishing scams!

Smart shares tips to fight "smashing" scams

For those out of the loop, the term "smishing" combines two other terms in SMS and phishing. Smishing involves cyber-criminals sending fraudulent text messages/SMS to deceive subscribers into giving sensitive information. These criminals were commonly disguising themselves as banks, mobile wallet, etc.

Cybercriminals often choose one of two techniques for smishing. The first method involves sending the victim a link to download a malware-infected app on their smartphone, prompting the victim to enter sensitive data that will be delivered straight to the attacker. The second method involves delivering a link to a bogus website, where the victim may be tricked into entering personal information.

In other words, smishing focuses on impersonating a trustworthy person or group in order to take advantage of someone's confidence. Attackers may alter the message to appear as though it came from a person you know or exploit your emotions to coerce you into taking action. These frauds can take on a variety of forms, including contact tracing forms, phony employment offers, financial services, free goods, invoice or order confirmation forms, customer assistance, and more.

To help protect you, here are Smart's three tips to fight smishing scams:

1. Block numbers that send spam - By blocking unfamiliar numbers with dubious messages and links, you may quickly remove yourself from the attacker's reach.
2. NEVER share One-Time Pins - Any calls, emails, SMS, or social media posts requesting this information should raise serious red flags. Additionally, only enter your password or OTP on reputable, official websites.
3. NEVER click suspicious links - Always be on the lookout for links sent to you by text from unidentified numbers.

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