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Samsung released the smallest 200MP camera sensor!

Tech firm Samsung today announced its newest 200MP image sensor designed to reduce the camera module area.

A more compact 200MP sensor?

The sensor called 200MP ISOCELL HP3 features a "small;" 0.56μm pixel size. It is said to be 12 percent smaller than its predecessor with 0.64μm which means it can reduce the camera module surface area by 20 percent. The company made it this way so smartphone companies can keep the design of their premium devices slim.

Samsung boasts that even if it is a smaller 200MP sensor, it comes with the  Super QPD auto-focusing solution that allows all of its pixels to have auto-focusing capabilities. This also has over four-adjacent pixels to detect the phase difference between horizontal and vertical directions for faster and more accurate autofocus.

Moreover, the sensor uses the Tetra2pixel technology of four pixels into one to transform the 0.56μm 200MP sensor into a 1.12μm 50MP sensor, or a 12.5MP sensor with 2.24μm-pixels by combining 16 pixels into one.

It also has the improved Smart-ISO Pro feature that merges information made from the two conversion gains of Low, Mid, and High ISO mode to create wider HDR images. It also has staggered HDR along with Smart-ISO Pro allowing the sensor to switch between two solutions depending on the filming environment to produce high-quality HDR.

The sensor even has a 14-bit color depth that is 64 times higher than its predecessor with 12-bit.  

According to the company, samples of the new sensor are now available. Mass production of the sensor will begin this year.

The firm has yet to reveal when will we see this tech on actual smartphones.

Source: Samsung

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