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GCash to rollout biometric-based Dual Authentication this December!

During the launch of the GSafeTayo cybersecurity partnership, GCash also revealed its new consumer security measure on top of the current OTP.
GCash to rollout biometric-based Dual Authentication this December!
GCash continues to add security measures

Is Facial Recognition the answer?

GCash recently signed an agreement with the Philippine National Police to strengthen the collaboration in going after perpetrators involved in phishing, smashing, online fraud, e-scams, fishing, and other cybercrime that take advantage of GCash users. This is one of the initiatives of GCash to combat the rising number of cybercrime that has recently plagued Filipinos.

Aside from removing all clickable links in its official SMS and emails to users to help users distinguish official messages from scam messages. The e-wallet has also migrated transaction notification messages to the in-app inbox and has masked the names of send money recipients to further protect the users' funds and personal data.
A fourth step is added!
A fourth step is added!

During the press conference, GCash representatives introduced the new "double authentication" feature that the company says will ensure that only the account owner has the ability to link his GCash account with a specified device.

It works by adding a fourth step from the current three-step log-in: 

Step 1 - Enter GCash Mobile Number
Step 2 - Key in OTP once received
Step 3 - Enter the MPIN
Step 4 - Take a Selfie Scan

GCash is campaigning to mitigate scam incidents by employing a combination of user education, increased cooperation with law enforcement agencies, and as well as continuously upgrading its internal security platform.

Whether or not this new biometric-based Dual Authentication will help reduce cybercrime is still up in the air. 

But what do you guys think? Will this be effective?
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