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There is a new way to access Google apps on HUAWEI phones and it is the best one yet!

If you have been living under a rock, the US government has prevented tech giant HUAWEI from accessing Google apps natively on their mobile devices.
GBox and Mate 50 Pro

Try this to have access to Google Services on your HUAWEI phone seamlessly and safely

As a result, this issue plagued the Chinese tech giant and its users. Since then, HUAWEI users have been trying different methods or workarounds to bypass this issue. But, none of them are as seamless as this method yet.

There is a new app called GBox that will allow HUAWEI smartphone and tablet users to access Google Mobile Services like the Google Play Store and its apps seamlessly.

GBox simply means Google Box and it is designed to help users use Google apps on several devices. 

GBox said that one of its advantages is it has no ads, unlike other apps like GSpace and Dual Space. It will also support all Android phones and has a promise that it will "never collect any personal data" ensuring data security and privacy. It even has value-added features such as privacy protection and the ability to run multiple copies of a certain app.

We tested it on the upcoming HUAWEI Mate 50 Pro in the Philippines and it will also work with other HUAWEI smartphones without GMS.

The company also noted that it serves all Android models and it is available on app markets such as Galaxy Store, GetApps, and the HUAWEI AppGallery. In the future, they said that the service will be available in more countries. 

The company of the app is VIRTUAL CUBE PTE.LTD. and they are located in Singapore.

Here's how you can use GBox:

1. Visit this website and download the app here.
2. Install it on your smartphone
3. Agree with its user agreement and disable battery optimization
4. Accept all permissions
5. Enjoy using the Google Play Store to download apps and use other Google apps

We tried using it and all of the Google Apps are working. It even has its Voice Assistant, Google Home, Docs, Drive, Photos, Calendar, Meet, and Maps. AND overall, it appears to be seamless. Even the full screen of YouTube is working, unlike its web shortcut app version that most HUAWEI users can use.
GBox is the key?
GBox is the key?

Using GBox, you may also download other apps like Netflix and your favorite games, among others.

So far, this one is working quite well. We will be fully testing it in the next few days.

Stay tuned for our review of the Mate 50 Pro.

What do you guys think?

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