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Aside from AppGallery, Petal Search Widget helped me find top apps on the P40 Pro+

At PHP 69,990, the Huawei P40 Pro+ is easily one of the most impressive smartphones today.
Petal Search Widget on P40 Pro

It is a handset with an all-premium Nano-Tech Ceramic back cover, Leica PENTA rear camera setup with up to 100x digital zoom, 90Hz 6.58-inch Quad-Curve Overflow OLED display, 32MP f/2.2 w/ AF + IR Depth/Gesture Camera on the punch-hole, 7nm+ EUV chipset, massive 512GB storage, 40W wired and wireless SuperCharging, and next-generation 5G connectivity.

In short, it loads with some of the very best build, specs, and cameras.

If you are one of the lucky souls that have the capacity to pay, there's a good chance that you probably have one right now.

AppGallery, AppGo, and Petal Search Widget on Huawei P40 Pro+

The phone with penta-cam at the back
The phone with penta-cam at the back

Similar to most 2020 Huawei smartphones, it's no secret that the P40 Pro didn't load with Google Mobile Services out of the box due to the China-US political situation that prevented both long-term partners Huawei and Google from working with each other.

And because of that, the Chinese tech giant came up with the solution and competition to Google and Apple we never know we needed, the Huawei Mobile Services.

So, how will you install apps? There are several ways. Let's begin.
Phone Clone

From your old smartphone, you can use the Phone Clone to transfer most of your apps, settings, and even messages. It was even able to transfer some of my game settings from my old Huawei handset.

This FREE app works even for iOS devices with a speed of 1GB per minute. It is a super-fast way to transfer apps from your old device even if you don't have internet.

Huawei Mobile Services contains the AppGallery—the company's very own app marketplace.

It has a total of 18 categories from (Games, Business, Communication, Finance, Kids, Media and entertainment, Personalized themes, Shopping, Tools, Books and references, Cars, Education, Food and drink, Lifestyle and convenience, Navigation, Photography, Sports and health, and Travel and accommodation.

Personally, I used the AppGallery to download a lot of the common apps I use from GCash, PayMaya, Metrobank, WeChat, Booky, TikTok, Snapchat, WeSing, Lazada, Shopee, Viber, Merriam-Webster Dictionary, iQIYI, and more.

There are plenty of ways to find, install, and use your favorite apps on modern Huawei smartphones!

If the app you are looking for is not on the AppGallery yet, worry not. Huawei has other means to install the apps you need.

Next is you can opt to use the AppGo from the AppGallery. To recall, AppGo is the app that helps its users find the apps and provide download links or recommend similar apps. For example, it'll tell you if the app that you are searching for is available via AppGallery, third party app markets like APKPure, or if the app has a web version.

Similar to my other Huawei Mobile Services-powered smartphones, I used this to download apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Netflix.
Petal Search Widget

My new favorite way to install and find apps on Huawei phones is with the help of the Petal Search Widget. It is Huawei's own in-phone search tool that you can use to search the web for Apps, News, Images, Videos, and more. You can also download this from the AppGallery. Similar to AppGo, you can use this search and install apps.

Petal Search Widget is your gateway to millions of apps!

If you are still not free from Google and you need some of its services, just use the Petal Search Widget to search for the Google app you need and it'll point you to its web version.

Petal Search Widget will even let you make a shortcut to the app you need.

How to download and use Petal Search Widget?

It is easy to add Petal Search Widget on your Huawei smartphone
It is easy to add Petal Search Widget on your Huawei smartphone

1. Open Huawei AppGallery
2. Search Petal Search App
3. Tap Install
4. Customize The Screen & Tap Widgets
5. Hold & Drag To The Screen
6. Search Your Favorite Apps
7. Enjoy!
 Quick App of YouTube
Quick App of YouTube

I almost forgot that the AppGallery now has a Quick App manager which lets users use some of the apps that don't need to be installed, don't use much space, and update automatically.
Web shortcuts of a few Google services created by Petal Search Widget
Web shortcuts of a few Google services created by Petal Search Widget

For example, AppGallery can make a quick app of YouTube and it works just like the app version of YouTube.

If you need to use Gmail, there's no need to download an app anymore. Just login your Gmail account to the default Email app of the phone.

So far, only Google Meet is the Google service that I can't use. I have Zoom and Lark though, so it is that of a big deal.

Quick thoughts

Huawei is continuously showing the world that the "if there's a will there's a way" saying is true.

The Chinese tech giant swiftly making it possible to stand on its own through its own app marketplace with the help of its new self-developed apps like the AppGo and the intelligent Petal Search Widget.

AppGallery is a work in progress, but it is showing a lot of promise and it works. In fact, in a short period of time, the company was able to add a lot of tops and essential apps in it and it is steadily growing. Now, it is the 3rd largest in the world just behind Google and Apple.

Thanks to these solutions AKA innovations, we were able to install nearly all the apps we use on the powerful P40 Pro+.

To know more about the Huawei P40 Pro+ as well as its full specs, you may see this link.
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