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Huawei launches Petal Search to replace Google

Huawei's search engine called "Petal Search" (formerly called Huawei search) has been announced globally to replace Google search.
Huawei launches Petal Search to replace Google
Petal Search from the AppGallery

Petal Search now official in select countries

Petal Search info page at AppGallery
Petal Search info page at AppGallery

In May 2020, Huawei announced its proprietary search engine called "Petal Search" to replace Google Search. It was called Huawei Search when it was in Beta and is part of the Huawei Mobile services ecosystem. The development of these services was in response to the US Government blacklisting Huawei from working with US companies. 

GizmoChina reports that Petal Search is now available officially in Singapore. One big feature is that Petal Search allows users to search for apps or applications from third-party sources and to download and run them.

GizmoChina adds that not all features of the Petal Search engine will be available in all countries as of the moment. The GIZGUIDEPH team was successful in downloading and installing the search engine through the local AppGallery.

Our P40 Pro also got an update which includes the Petal Search.

Lastly, the app supports up to 40 languages and will be available in 45 countries.

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Sources: Huawei, GizChina
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