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Be wary: The "Comebacking Friendster" website is sketchy


On Saturday, many thought Friendster—the first social media platform for many especially for millennials—is preparing for a comeback after seven years.
File photo: Friendster logo

Is Friendster back?

After closing its doors in 2015, a website claiming to be the OG social networking site Friendster started accepting registration during the weekend.

However, GamingPH warned on Sunday that the website might not be official.

Everyone, regarding the news circulating that a certain social media website is making a comeback. That was not the official website, it was a fake, it said in a social media post.

Please avoid registering an account on that website, it is not the official website. We tracked down the owner of the website using its Google Adsense ID (pub-7892270395485295), discovering it is owned by a certain individual from Indonesia, it added.

GamingPH warned that signing up on the website may compromise a user’s account details.

Based on its latest count, the Friendster site has so far registered more than 6,500 members, including Filipinos.

We are upgrading and beta-testing our system. Expect slow page load time, the platform said in its post on the website.

The website also appears plain, with features like the tabs Blog, Members, Groups, and Forums.
Screenshot of website
Screenshot of website

Friendster was a social networking site widely used in the early 2000s prior to transitioning into a social gaming site in 2011.

Four years later, the website ultimately shut down after being overtaken by other platforms, like Facebook.

Be wary before registering, guys.

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