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While others cut off jobs, TikTok continues to hire people


Short-form video app TikTok remains committed to hire more professionals in its company.
Social media giant TikTok

TikTok: We are still hiring

According to CNN, the social media platform confirmed that it is still eyeing to add nearly 1,000 engineers at its Mountain View office.

This was first reported by The Information.

The hiring target is related to TikTok's goal of ensuring user data in the United States is being monitored by a team based there amid scrutiny in Washington due to its parent company ByteDance’s ties to China.

Last week, TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew confirmed in his speech at the Bloomberg New Economy Forum that the company continues to hire employees

We are still hiring… at a pace that we think corresponds with the global challenges that we’re facing, he said.

We have always been more cautious in terms if recruitment, Chew added. At this stage of our growth, I think that our pace, our cadence of hiring is just right for us.

Recently, companies like Meta and Twitter have cut thousands of jobs.

For the Facebook parent company, 11,000 jobs were slashed, while Twitter removed about half its staff after new CEO Elon Musk took over.

Amazon has also started wide-ranging layoffs.

Current and former leaders of said tech firms said they expanded too fast, specifically during the health crisis when consumers shifted to online platforms. But now, they have to cut down thousands of positions as the global economy faces yet another hurdle, with fears of a recession.

The shift in hiring in Silicon Valley could be beneficial for TikTok as it looks to appease critics, expand its products, and cement its position in the United States.

Currently, TikTok's career portal site lists over 4,000 global positions.

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Source: CNN

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