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LG team up with WSI to provide high-end, powerful display solutions!

LG Philippines teamed up with Wordtext Systems Inc., an IT distribution firm, to provide high-quality, powerful displays in the country.
LG Philippines, WSI team up to provide high-end display solutions to Filipinos

LG Philippines partners with Wordtext Systems Inc. to provide display solutions!

LG offers cutting-edge displays that can meet any business need, whether it be corporate or creative. Its line of monitors now features the popular OLED technology, which offers visual tech professionals optimized workstations, professional-grade picture quality, and vivid color reproduction.

With more than 40 years of experience under its belt, WSI, on the other hand, has been a pillar in the nation's IT distribution. More than 2000 dealers in 18 important provinces make up their broad national channel base. Their goal is to be the best IT product distributor in the Philippines so that the business can grow alongside its partners.

LG Philippines stated that the partnership will allow them to reach clients faster and more effectively due to WSI's 40 years of experience in providing high-quality solutions to their clients. WSI says that the partnership will allow them to have renewed vigor and show that even with its long tenure, the firm is still relevant.

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