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LG Display showcases 12-inch high resolution stretchable screen

LG Display just announced the world's first 12-inch high-resolution stretchable display with free-form technology. What is it though?
LG Display showcases 12-inch high resolution stretchable screen
LG Display unveils 12-inch High-Resolution Stretchable screen!

What is LG Display's 12-inch High-Res Stretchable screen?

The 12-inch LG High-Res Stretchable display is the first-ever screen to achieve 20 percent stretchability while maintaining 100 ppi pixel density and support for full-color RGB. It was achieved by using a highly resilient film-type substrate made out of special silicon. This same silicon is used for contact lenses. This material allows the screen to have a rubberband-like flexibility.

When stretched, the 12-inch screen can reach up to 14-inches in length. It uses micro-LED as the light source with a pixel pitch of 40μm. This allows it to secure a high level of durability like external impacts while maintaining a high resolution that competes with modern display solutions.

The Stretchable display's flexible S-form spring wired system, in contrast to the traditional linear wired system, has an ideal structure that can withstand more than 10,000 repeated modifications to its form, giving customers peace of mind about the product's amazing longevity and dependability.

This project was first started in 2020 as a large-scale R&D project led by South Korea's Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy. LG Display has been collaborating with 20 other South Korean organizations in the industrial-academic sector.

The stretchable display can be easily attached to complex surfaces such as skin, clothing, furniture, cars, aircraft, and more.

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Source: FoneArena
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