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PLDT, Smart invests PHP 3 billion in whole-of-nation cybersecurity approach!

At the recent Telecoms World Asia 2022 conference in Thailand, PLDT and Smart shared their commitment to a multi-faceted cybersecurity strategy.
PLDT, Smart invests PHP 3 billion in whole-of-nation cybersecurity approach!
PHP 3 billion is a huge investment in cybersecurity by PLDT and Smart

PLDT, Smart invests PHP 3 billion in cybersecurity

At the Villamor Air Base in Pasay City, the PLDT Group is contributing to the construction of a cutting-edge cybersecurity facility. As part of its upgrade, the facility will strengthen the military's cyber defensive capabilities. Additionally, the Air Force's cyber warriors attended seminars on capacity building offered by PLDT and Smart's Cyber Security Operations Group.

Along with that, PLDT and Smart recently agreed to share cyberthreat intelligence data with the Philippine Army's Cyber Battalion.

With a PHP 3 billion investment by PLDT and Smart in its cybersecurity infrastructure, CSOG has so far amassed more than 123 million Indicators of Compromise in its threat intelligence database. By the end of September of this year, PLDT and Smart had managed to thwart over 114 million cyberattacks, data breaches, and 13 billion attempts to open hostile domains.

With CSOG's ongoing awareness campaigns and phishing simulations, PLDT and Smart staff have improved from being the weakest link to being force multipliers when it comes to spotting malicious files. Since the start of simulations, employee reports have increased 6x thus far. The Group has not experienced any breaches as a result of employee negligence, which is the best news.

By shielding customers from threats and attacks, PLDT and Smart contribute to the reduction of fraudulent online activities and the improvement of customer experience. Additionally, these initiatives support Sustainable Development Goal No. 9 on industries, innovation, and infrastructure from the United Nations.

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