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Globe adds 1,064 cell towers, more 5G sites, and fiber lines as of end Q3 2022

Local telco giant Globe recently revealed updates regarding its network rollout.
Globe network improvements

New towers and fiber lines!

For the first nine months of the year, the company used PHP 74.4 billion in capital expenditures (CAPEX) which is 14 percent higher than last year. Globe revealed that at least 84 percent of this period's total cash was allocated for data requirements to further enhance the overall customer data experience. To address the growing digitalization needs of Filipinos, these include additional LTE upgrades, new 5G sites, the tower builds, and Fiber to the Home (FTTH) rollout.

In particular, Globe has yielded 1,064 new cell sites, 10,600 mobile sites upgraded to LTE, and added 1,887 new 5G sites nationwide.

Also, close to 1.4 million FTTH lines were deployed as of the end of September 2022. This is higher than the over 1 million during the same period last year. This is part of the company's bid to make fast and reliable connectivity more accessible to more households and businesses.

Globe's network rollout momentum continues and is expected to surpass last year's builds. These accelerated upgrading and network expansion efforts will not only deliver a more consistent level of network quality but will further elevate the standard of connectivity in the country, said Joel Agustin, Globe's Head of Network Planning and Engineering.

Globe together with its partners has also landed fiber optic cables in several provinces since July and is on track to complete the project by April 2023 to deliver a "1st world network".

Globe also has the USD 150-million Philippine Domestic Submarine Cable Network (PDSCN), the longest domestic subsea cable project in the Philippines, which has 33 landing points, covering a total cable distance of about 2,500 kilometers.

The project is said to be crucial to the country's recovery from the pandemic, as it will support the growing need for reliable communications facilities.

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