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NVIDIA to discontinue GameStream support for Shield TV next year

NVIDIA's Android gaming console will lose support for one of its key features known as the GameStream.
NVIDIA to discontinue GameStream support for Shield TV next year
Photo from NVIDIA

Goodbye GameStream support in 2023

This feature was ahead of its time back then. It allows Shield TV owners to stream PC games using a WiFi network at 4K and 60 frames per second. Basically, it works like the Steam Link but for your TVs.
Photo from a Reddit user
Photo from a Reddit user

NVIDIA sent an email to console owners on Reddit that starting February 2023, GameStream will no longer be available. The company mentioned that the change will arrive through an update by mid-February and that once it is aired, the said feature will not work anymore.

The email also continued that users will also have to rely on using the Steam link instead which offers similar capabilities but many complained that it is not as good as the GameStream.

Another option the brand said would be the Nvidia GeForce Now streaming platform where users need to subscribe and will be able to stream games at 1600p resolution and 120 frames per second. 

However, it is quite expensive at PHP 500+ per month and can even reach up to PHP 1K for premium games.

With that said, some Reddit users are unhappy about the upcoming update and it will take a huge blow to them. Others mentioned that the only reason they stayed with NVIDIA was that they didn't want to lose the GameStream function and now they're thinking of switching from the Green team to the Red team(AMD).

What do you guys think?

Source: Reddit

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