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OPPO launches its "Choose Joy" campaign in time for the holidays!

OPPO just announced its "Choose Joy" campaign. This campaign signifies the brand's commitment to bringing new products and innovation in 2023.
OPPO launches its "Choose Joy" campaign in time for the holidays!
Catch the OPPO film, "A Miracle in the Christmas Night" as part of the Choose Joy campaign

Celebrate the joy of tech and innovation with OPPO in 2023

Beginning in 2022, OPPO will launch its new brand proposition, "Inspiration Ahead," which demonstrates the company's assurance and composure in the face of change. Everyone is urged to maintain their composure and grace as they face the storm and end the impasse.

Since then, OPPO has launched and taken part in numerous global events and campaigns throughout the year to spread and put into practice the concept of "Inspiration Ahead," including the launch of the OPPO Research Institute Innovation Accelerator and the partnership with UEFA to celebrate the beautiful game through "Inspiration Ahead." Other examples include the Inspirational Light partnership with Roland-Garros 2022 and the OPPO Breakthrough Inspiration Award at Wimbledon 2022.

"Choose Joy" has been introduced as OPPO's newest practice under the umbrella of "Inspiration Ahead," specifically for OPPO fans in APAC, with the aim of inspiring positivity to overcome challenges and embrace new opportunities during the holiday season. This is part of OPPO's ongoing inspiration to use its products and technology to bring joy to people. 

The movie "A Miracle in the Christmas Night" encourages viewers to select OPPO as their partner in happiness by serving as a gentle reminder that happiness is always a choice. The beauty of global diversity in heritage, morals, and lifestyles served as a direct source of inspiration for OPPO's film.

Join OPPO in celebrating the occasion this year with the theme "Choose Joy" and use OPPO goods to make this holiday full of inspiration and joy.

You can watch "A Miracle in the Christmas Night" via Facebook and YouTube.

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