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OPPO Marisilicon X Gen 2 to debut on INNO Day 2022 event!

OPPO will be introducing the MariSilicon X Gen 2 imaging chipset at OPPO INNO Day 2022 Event.
OPPO Marisilicon X Gen 2 to debut on INNO Day 2022 event!
The INNO Day 2022

OPPO to debut Gen 2 NPU!

To recap, we've seen the first generation of MariSilicon X NPU last year which brought  AI computing, efficiency in power consumption, ultra HDR function, and lossless real-time RAW captures which maximizes RGBW sensor performance and allows 20-bit HDR Fusion with "extreme dynamic range".
The 1st gen MariSilicon X
The 1st gen MariSilicon X

Moving forward, the upcoming launch event is about to take place next week on December 14 to 15,2022. 

While key specs still unknown about the Gen 2, the brand promises we will see significant improvement in picture processing and will bring "breakthrough" developments for a number of key technology factors including photography".

It is also unknown which smartphones will get the said innovation. However, judging from their history we may likely see it on the newer generations of the Find X series or Reno series which are Flagship and Upper mid-range devices.

Apart from the launch of new-gen NPU, OPPO will also introduce the new Find N2 Series which comprises Find N2 and N2 Flip. Since they are also on the "more expensive side" of handsets were not going to be surprised if it also uses the Marisilicon Gen 2 chip.

Newer innovations and other tech-related announcements are also expected at INNO Day 2022.

What do you guys think?

Source: GizmoChina

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