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PLDT, Smart opens bigger experience hub at Robinsons Galleria

PLDT and Smart opened a bigger experience hub at Robinsons Galleria to provide better customer service to more people.
PLDT, Smart opens bigger experience hub at Robinsons Galleria
PLDT, Smart welcomes customers to the bigger experience hub in Robinsons Galleria

A bigger PLDT and Smart experience hub at Robinsons Galleria

This PLDT and Smart experience hub is strategically positioned in one of Metro Manila's main business areas to make it easy for their customer base to learn about and use PLDT and Smart goods and services.

Customers can take advantage of the most recent promotions for the Smart Signature and PLDT Home fiber plans there, as well as migrate their mobile numbers to Smart and TNT. Customers may find the best mobile and home connectivity options for their lifestyles via self-service kiosks in the store. The new store also has entertainment spaces to keep them busy during wait times. Anti-microbial technology is also installed in the experience hub, which may assist keep visitors safe.

The PLDT Group has increased its total fiber footprint to approximately 1,091,000 kilometers, consisting of more than 231,000 kilometers of international fiber and nearly 860,000 kilometers of domestic fiber, passing through approximately 16.8 million homes in 67 percent of the country's cities and municipalities in order to continue increasing the capacity and availability of its network throughout the nation. The Smart network, which offers 3G, LTE, and 5G to 97 percent of the population of the nation, is also supported by this fiber infrastructure.

Broadband speeds in the nation are currently among the fastest in the region as a result of PLDT's ongoing efforts to update its network and connect more Filipinos around the country to fiber. According to the most recent Speedtest Global Index study from the internet research company Ookla, the Philippines is the Southeast Asian nation with the fifth-fastest median download speeds.

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