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RAKK Gears announces Hanan Barebone Gasket-Mount Gaming Keyboard!

RAKK Gears is releasing its newest gasket-mount mechanical gaming keyboard named, Hanan. It is compact, stylish, and customizable!
RAKK Gears announces Hanan Barebone Gasket-Mount Gaming Keyboard!
RAKK Hanan mechanical keyboard is now official!

RAKK Hanan mechanical keyboard starts at PHP 2,995!

It is the first RAKK Gasket-Mounted Keyboard!
It is the first RAKK Gasket-Mounted Keyboard!

RAKK Hanan is named after the PH's mythology's Goddess of the Dawn. It is a 75-percent barebones mechanical keyboard with a compact 81-key layout that includes a function row and dedicated arrow keys. It also has a dedicated volume knob.

It is a collaborative project with two well-known PH mechanical gaming keyboard enthusiasts namely Kevin "Gosu Gaming" Tan and Myk "Mykeys" De Jesus. Their ideas and perceptions were taken into account when creating this product. As a result of the partnership, customization was given first priority when creating the RAKK Hanan.
Here are its features!
Here are its features!

This is seen in features like the gasket mount for a slightly more cushioned feel, the screwless casing for simple modding, and an additional top cover for greater customization. With its worldwide 5-pin Kailh hot-change connectors, you may switch and replace them with ease. With its 22 modes, Macro, FN Layer editing capabilities, and Spectrograph settings, you may customize the RGB lighting to match your preferences and your favorite music. For the complete RAKK Hanan build experience, add on black and gold theme Cherry profile dye-sub keycaps and RAKK tactile or linear switches.

It is a wired/wireless hybrid keyboard that can be connected via USB-C, 2.4GHz wireless, or Bluetooth 5.0. It also has north-facing RGB and a 3,000mAh battery. It also comes with a 1.6-meter USB-C braided cable. It measures 325 x 135 x 28mm and weighs 800 grams.

Price and availability

RAKK Hanan custom mechanical keyboard - PHP 2,995 - PHP 3,995

The RAKK Hanan will be available via the RAKK official stores on Shopee and Lazada as well as EasyPC's official outlets.

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