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#ICYMI: SIM Card Registration in the Philippines starts today

Today December 27, 2022, is the start of SIM card registration in the Philippines.
File photo of a SIM card

SIM Card Registration Law Day 1!

In case you missed it, SIM Card Registration Act is one of the newest laws in the country. The law seeks to end crimes using the platform including text and online scams by regulating the sale and the use of SIMs by mandating registration to end-users.

This covers all SIMs, including embedded SIMs, and other variations/technologies which are provisioned by any Public Telecommunications Entity (PTE) to provide SMS, voice, and/or data services.

All existing SIM card users have 180 days or six months from the time the law takes effect to register their phone numbers with their respective providers.

For Smart/SUN/TNT subscribers - smart.com.ph/simreg
For Globe/TM/Gomo subscribers - new.globe.com.ph/simreg
For DITO subscribers - dito.ph/RegisterDITO

Update: All portals are now working properly.

Note: Don't click on unverified links on your SMS, they could be scam links.

What do you guys think? Were you able to register?

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