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TikTok is testing landscape videos for select users, to compete with YouTube?

TikTok is finally giving in. It is testing landscape videos for some select users and regions. It is believed to be a move to compete with YouTube.
TikTok is testing landscape videos for select users, to compete with YouTube?
Landscape videos on TikTok?

TikTok is trying landscape videos!

TikTok revived the short-form video trend, akin to Vine, a couple of years back with its dance trends, life hack videos, DIY videos, and more. Eventually, every other social media platform adopted the vertical, short videos in the form of Reels on Facebook/Instagram and YouTube Shorts.

TikTok noticed this. Now, TikTok is adopting something HUGE in its platform. Landscape videos. It is now in the testing phase in select regions for select users. This move is viewed by some industry experts as a competitive move aimed toward YouTube.

Additionally, TikTok will now start to allow videos that were up to 10 minutes long. The platform already allows up to 3 minutes to be uploaded. Now, thinking about it, this is expected. YouTube Shorts is technically Google's answer to TikTok. TikTok is just doing the same thing as YouTube with these long and landscape videos.

If these new features become permanent, TikTok will be a big competitor to YouTube with its huge user base and over 4 billion downloads.

TikTok is currently being proposed to be banned in the US due to national security risks. TikTok seems to have a lot on its plate right now.

What do you guys think?

Source: BBC

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