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NVIDIA Broadcast uses deepfake to make you maintain eye contact with your camera!

NVIDIA Broadcast has been updated with a new feature that uses AI deepfake technology to make it seem like you are always looking at your camera.
NVIDIA Broadcast uses deepfake to make you maintain eye contact with your camera
NVIDIA Broadcast announces Eye Contact feature

NVIDIA Brodcast Eye Contact Mode is now official

Even when you look somewhere during your stream or call, NVIDIA Broadcast will keep eye contact on your webcam with the Eye Contact mode on. It uses AI to replace your real eyes with deepfaked ones that will always be looking at your camera.

This feature is NVIDIA's helping hand to content creators wanting to read their scripts or notes without losing eye contact with their audience. It is like when reporters or newscasters use a teleprompter. In terms of content creation, this is a great feature. However, NVIDIA Broadcast can also be used in other instances. Say, a video conference, online class, or even a call with your family and friends. That's where the moral dilemma comes in.

NVIDIA says that Eye Contact mode will always try to simulate your eye color as well. However, there will be a disconnect feature where Eye Contact mode will deactivate in case you look too far away. So you still have to maintain a relative angle for the feature to work. So yes, you cannot snooze off during your classes or meetings and you cannot turn away from calls.

This feature is still in its infancy stage and it is not as natural as one can hope for. It gives an uncanny look especially when it is animating the eyes. The eyes can sometimes seem to move around quickly and in unnatural patterns.

It is now available with NVIDIA Broadcast 1.4.

What do you guys think?

Source: NVIDIA

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