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Intel Core i9-13900KS w/6GHz clockspeed and 320W TDP announced!

Intel announced perhaps their strongest yet for the 13th generation Core lineup today.
Intel Core i9-13900KS w/6GHz clockspeed and 320W TDP announced!
The special edition chip

Intel just unleashed a monster!

Intel's flagship boasts 6.0GHz frequency and that's without overclocking yet. That is achieved through the use of Thermal Velocity Boost technology and by consuming more power at 250W instead of the standard 150W and peaking at 320W in a new Extreme Power Delivery Profile.
2nd image of the Core i9-13900KS
2nd image of the Core i9-13900KS

The 13900KS and the 13900K are also nearly identical, with the exception of power use and turbo frequencies. The base frequency has 3.2GHz from 3GHz for the performance cores. It also shares a similar 24-core which is divided into 8 performance cores and 16 efficiency cores.

It continues with 32 threads, 36MB Intel Smart Cache, and 20 PCIe lanes (16 PCIe 5 + 4 PCIe 4 lanes). While it supports DDR5 5600 RAM and DDR4 3200 RAM as well.

The new chip is compatible with motherboards such as the Z790 series or Z690 and even comes with a BIOS update.

US price with direct-to-PHP conversion (no taxes and duties yet):

Intel Core i9-13900KS - USD 699 (around PHP 38.2K)

Intel says this special edition chip is available starting Jan 12, 2023, and can be found at retailers globally. However, the company is yet to announce for arrival in the Philippines.

Stay tuned.

Source: Intel

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