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Xiaomi invites 12T Series users to join Master Class Photography, shares tips and tricks too!

Xiaomi invites 12T Series users to join Master Class Photography. Shares tips and tricks as well.
Xiaomi invites 12T Series users to join Master Class Photography, shares tips and tricks too!
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Xiaomi Master Class photography tips and tricks!

To recap, the Xiaomi 12T Pro sports a MASSIVE 200MP f/1.69 Samsung ISOCEL HP1 main camera with 1/1.22-inch sensor size. It also has the ability to do a 2x in-sensor lossless zoom and has the 16-in-1 pixel binning tech at 2.56μm size.
Alongside those, it also has the ProFocus tech with Motion tracking focus, Motion capture, Eye tracking focus and OIS support for stabilization, 8K video recording, and HDR10+ videos.

The primary sensor is accompanied by 8MP f/2.2 120-degrees ultra-wide-angle camera and 2MP f/2.4 macro helper.

Moving forward, below are the list of Xiaomi's advice for better photography:

Experiment with different shooting modes - The phone maker says you need to try shooting modes such as Night, Pro, and AI modes with each design to optimize your phone's camera for multiple scenarios. Also, don't forget to set the resolution to 200MP to get the desired sharpness of the picture.

Manual focus - Xiaomi shared that by using this mode you can also elevate your images by manually setting the focus to capture specific details in a situation.

Wide-angle lens - Another tool that you shouldn't miss, in fact, this is particularly helpful when taking sunset scenery, landscapes, family or group pictures, or mainly if you're in a tight space. The wide-angle lens can allow you to capture more without doing much effort.

Lighting - Xiaomi continued that it can also affect the final output when taking shots. Meanwhile, they take pride that the 12T Pro's sensor can perform in different lighting environments. They said you should find the angle that looks best for the scene you want to capture.

Rule of space - The brand stated that you consider and leave room for moving objects in the composition so they can be inside the framing thus giving the image a sense of movement and dynamism.

Reflection Photography - you may also try the Xiaomi 12T Pro in this genre which may result in "unique perspectives and may add depth to your shots.

The brand also shared they had conducted two "Masterclasses" to guide users of the Xiaomi 12T series devices so they can take advantage of its imaging system.

The first session talks about the "Movement" which was led by Filipino former actor and photographer John Manalo.

The second session tackled "People Photography" by John Manalo alongside another photographer called Angelo Mendoza.

There will also be another session but will focus on "Night Photography". It will be led by more professionals such as the Sinopias Team of travel photographers named Alexis Lim, Karl Ivan Presentacion, and John Austria.

It is scheduled to happen on February 4, 2023. While the registration is open to all Xiaomi 12T series users as well as Mi 10T series and the 11T series.

According to Xiaomi, this is a free class however the slots are limited only so be sure to grab the opportunity. The signup link is also provided on the brand's official FB page.

What do you guys think?

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