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Netflix outs rules and guidelines for password sharing!

Netflix details its new rules and regulations regarding the password sharing of its subscribers.
Netflix outs rules and guidelines for password sharing!
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Netflix reveals new guidelines!

According to the streaming platform, they are now limiting their subscribers and non-subscribers where they can access the app outside of their homes.

In a statement, it said that a subscription password can only be used among members of one household. Those who will share their accounts with a family member who lives elsewhere are now prohibited.

Users will also need to "localize" their account location to a specific ISP network so they can watch videos only. Any user profile linked with a household subscription should use the app for at least a month to get an active status otherwise will automatically sign out.

Meanwhile, using Netflix content outside the home subscribers will need to ask permission from the primary user together with code from Netflix.

Currently, these are just one of Netflix's ways to battle out the slowdown of subscriber growth and their estimation suggests over 100 million users globally are not paying for their services.

Recently, we've mentioned that Netflix is finally ending password sharing this March 2023 while also they also had started charging extra fees for the Latin America region.

What do you guys think?

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