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Leak: Nokia Game Controller 5000GC spotted before its launch!

Nokia's first entry at game controllers was spotted before its launch on official and retailer platforms.
Leak: Nokia Game Controller 5000GC spotted before its launch!
The alleged photo of the device

Nokia has a gamepad coming soon?

The item was listed on the StreamView website for a moment but now the listing has been hidden.

Anyway, the gamepad is designed ergonomically which should provide a better grip, it somewhat resembles the Google Stadias controller. It has 4 directional keys, four face buttons, two analog sticks, traditional left, and right bumpers, and triggers.

You can also notice back, home, menu, start, and gyro buttons as well.
Dedicated Google Assistant key
Dedicated Google Assistant key

One highlight here is that it comes with a dedicated Google Assistant and microphones so users can easily search titles and navigate through the menu using voice controls.
Battery and charging features
Battery and charging features

It comes with vibration motors for haptic feedback and a 650mAh battery with a rating of 14 hours of play. While it charges using USB-C in 2 hours as per Nokia's claims.

For connectivity, it can go wired and wireless via the 2.4GHz dongle, and Bluetooth 5.0.

Euro price with direct to PHP conversion (no taxes and duties yet):

Nokia Game Controller 5000GC - EUR 52.90 (around PHP 3K)

No word yet on its availability both internationally and locally. But since it's been spotted on the website before it was taken down, the launch could be imminent.

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